Seaweed and Grouper, Mainstay Aquaculture Maluku Province

Seaweed and Grouper, Mainstay Aquaculture Maluku Province

Maluku provincial aquaculture production in 2009 reached 50,915 tons from mariculture, aquaculture and freshwater aquaculture. Seaweed, grouper, sea cucumbers and shrimp are aquaculture commodities Maluku province. In 2009, the four commodities, production amounted to 47,782.6 tons, 1810.7 tons, 522.4 tons and 166.3 tons. In addition, the Moluccas are also famous for pearl cultivation which have.

When viewed under cultivation commodities then seen that the Moluccas potential for marine aquaculture development, especially for seaweed, grouper and oysters with pearls. It is the province of Maluku is potential for the development of the three commodities. Judging from the structure of the region, this province is an island province and the province is surrounded by a sea that is still awake. Province which is located at position 2? 30? 9? south latitude and 124? - 136? east longitude, the lurid sea borders in the north, the seas of Indonesia and the Arafura Sea to the south, on the east by the sea west of Irian and bordered by the sea of ​​Sulawesi.

So most of this province is a potential marine areas for mariculture development. Maluku province is estimated to have potential for sea cultivation of 495,300 hectares consisting of:

Potential cultivation of 31,000 ha of white snapper
The potential for cultivation kerpau 104.00ha
The potential for seaweed cultivation of 206,000 ha
Pearl oyster farming potential of 73,400 ha
Potential cultivation of 28,900 ha of sea cucumbers
Lobster aquaculture potential of 23,000 ha
The potential of 29,000 ha of oyster cultivation

Potential land for cultivation are scattered in several areas of aquatic creepy, Manipa, Kei Kecil, Kei Besar, Yamdena, PP. south and Wetar. However, today the development of marine aquaculture in the province, which was developed commercially only in commodity seaweed, grouper and oysters pearl

Seaweed farming in the Moluccas is estimated production will increase sharply in subsequent years. This is based on the condition of land with huge potential, ease of cultivation and also seaweed from the Moluccas is still valued highly because the quality is very good. Increased production of seaweed is also not free from the active role of marine and fishery department Maluku who want to boost seaweed production in the next year. In addition, the proven development of seaweed cultivation in the Moluccas to tackle poverty in this province. Labor absorption of seaweed cultivation is estimated to reach 5000's of people in the year 2009.

Grouper is also a leading commodity culture is one commodity that will be raised for production in subsequent years. Grouper production that continues to experience positive trends each year and the potential of land that is still open is the reason why the grouper a commodity to be featured by the province.

Similarly, the pearl which is already known. Production of cultured pearls from Maluku highly prized for its quality is very good. If seen its production are not visible contribution to the total production of aquaculture production but if the view on the value then it is very high value even beat the price of shrimp and grouper.

Aquaculture potential of Maluku province not only in marine aquaculture alone. Aquaculture ponds and pools are also reliable. Potential of both types of cultivation is also still wide open. Shrimp and sea cucumber is a commodity that has been cultivated in ponds in the province and is a mainstay commodity Maluku province.


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