Fish Botia

Fish Botia

Did you know that to keep the fish Botia really very exciting. For the hobbyist fish is very beautiful to behold. Body shape is slightly flattened and elongated coupled rather round belly shape that is almost straight with a curved dorsal fin is more forward position than his stomach and is the anal fin in pairs, add fish Botia form exotica as ornamental fish. Moreover, the existence of four pairs of tentacles they have.

While Looking at the color hue of his body which has a red base yellowish orange with a bandage or three broad lines of black tape around his body which was very soothing look. There should also note that including fish that have no scales. But be careful when holding this fish because he has the weapons to protect themselves from attacks in the form of shaft under her eyes are hidden and will be out when he felt in danger because he was often called the spiny eye. No one can be when Botia stress reliever medication for maintenance.

Botia, in his book Saanin (1984) mentioned has 2 different species, namely macaracanthus and Botia Botia hymenphysa. In another book written by Kottelat et al (1993), Botia fish has three species, namely macaracanthus Botia, Botia hymenphysa and Botia reversa. All three species are distinguished one of them different amounts of black ribbon around his body. Botia macaracanthus has 3 black bands, Botia hymenphysa have 13-15 black ribbon and Botia reversa has 12 black ribbon. The taxonomy of ornamental fish into the category of family Botia cobitidae. Here's the full Botia fish classification:

* Kingdom: Animalia
* Fillum: chordate
* Class: Osteichthyes
* Subclass: Actinopterygii
* Order: Teleostei
* Suborder: Cyprinoidea
* Family: Cobitidae
* Genus: Botia
* Species: Botia macaracanthus, hymenphysa Botia, Botia reversa

In the wild these fish can reach the size of 30-40 cm, while at the aquarium can reach a maximum length of 11-14 cm. Botia female fish can weigh 80 grams as an adult. While males can reach 40 grams. Age Botia fish including the length. He was able to reach the age of 20 years.

Botia fish which is one of the excellent Indonesian ornamental fish are exported to foreign countries, can be found in the waters stem barito days jambi river in Kalimantan and the characteristics of waters in accordance with Botia fish habitat that likes calm waters, dark and like to hide but he did not like the mud. Fish Botia that this gregarious can live on water quality with a pH range from 5.0 to 7.0 temperature of 24-30 degrees Celsius with dissolved oxygen 5-8 ppm and ammonia levels <1.0 ppm.

Botia fish also known as clown fish because of its shape which resembles this clown has to be done spawning controlled since the 1990's whose research is one of them conducted by BBAT Sukabumi and was successful. So the fears of extinction of these fish due to mass arrests can be answered.

Botia fish hatchery is easy to do. It is important to always maintain the quality of water as provided above. create such conditions place the original habitat by providing paralon to her hiding for example.

Maintenance of water incubated eggs that have hatched and then allow approximately 15-26 hours. Then the larvae fed with tersbut after the age of 3 days. After 25-30 days the larvae will develop into seed Botia Botia fish. The media used were water wells or piped water that has been precipitated and aerated.


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