Cause: Benedinia sp. and Neo Benedinia sp.

Bio-Ecology Pathogens:
• blood eaters' blood feeder ", infect marine fish, especially snapper, and grouper.
• Parasites belonging to the Capsalid monogenea, which is a kind of worm trematoda.
• serious cases generally occur in fish culture in floating net (KJA).
• If the eye can cause blindness, and the resulting wound is the entrance for secondary bacterial infections.
• Deaths due to heavy infection can reach 30%.

Clinical symptoms:
• Wounds and bleeding at the site of the bite, and this looks visually parasites attached to the body of the fish, especially on the scales or on the fin (visible after the infected fish marinated in fresh water for several minutes)
• In severe infection the parasite can infect the eye, so that the eyelets will look white.

• Visually looks a parasite that attach to the fish's body, if placed in freshwater fish

• shed the parasite in the container is limited by using fresh water for 2-5 minutes.
• Soaking in a solution of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) at a dose of 150 ppm for 10-30 minutes.
• After the parasitic loss, the fish was transferred to another container to prevent any secondary infection by bacteria in the parasite bites.

source : Kementerian Kelautan dan Perikanan, Direktorat Jenderal Perikanan Budidaya, Direktorat Kesehatan Ikan dan Lingkungan, 2010

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