Lerniasis (fish disease)

Lerniasis (fish disease)

Cause: Lemaeae cyprinaceae and L. arcuata
Bio - Ecology:
• The parasite is known as anchor worm (anchor worm).
• Sticking to the body of the fish with the "anchor" the stabbing and develop under the skin.
• The parasite is equipped with two egg sacs will be seen hanging outside the body of the fish.
• Almost all freshwater fish species susceptible to this parasitic infection, particularly the size of the seed.
• At high levels of infection can lead to serious cases of death.

Clinical Symptoms:
• Looks like an arrow that pierced the body of the fish. Sometimes the moss parasites on the body so that the infected fish looks like carrying a green flag
• There was a wound or bleeding at the site where the patch. In fish seed puncture it can reach internal organs so that it can lead to death
• Visually looks a parasite that attach to the fish body
• Precipitation and filtering incoming water.
• Destruction of infected fish and draining the pond, followed by calcification.
• Soaking with:
✓ formalin solution at 250 ppm for 15 minutes.
✓ Abate solution at a dose of 1 ppm (aquarium) and 1.5 ppm (Pool)
✓ dichlorvos solution 0.2 mg / L for 24 hours or more, every week for 4 consecutive weeks

sumber : Kementerian Kelautan dan Perikanan, Direktorat Jenderal Perikanan Budidaya, Direktorat Kesehatan Ikan dan Lingkungan, 2010

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