Reasons Why Fish are grown

Reasons Why Fish are grown

Fish is an animal species that provide food for humans. Humans in their daily lives need carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Besides protein from terrestrial animals, fish also provide a high protein for humans. Nutritional value of fish meat which is owned by very well that this is because the fish meat has a value of digestibility and higher biological value when compared with other animals.

Protein in fish contains essential amino acids perfect. all kinds of essential amino acids that exist in fish, namely: Leucine, Lysine, Leucine Iso, tripthophan and others.

fish meat comprises:
1. Protein 15-24%
2. Glycogen / carbohydrate 1-3%
3. Fat 1-22%
4. Water 66-84%
5. and other organic material of 0.8 to 2%
6. omega 3
7. EPA
8. DHA

Omega 3, EPA, DHA is useful for intelligence

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