The BAD Side of Fish Oil

The BAD Side of Fish Oil
by: Emile Jarreau

Considering the healthy benefits of taking fish oil as part of a healthy diet, it might be hard to imagine that there are any negative side effects that can occur, but like most things we take into our bodies, not all of the effects are good even containing omega 3 fatty acids.

First of all, to be clear, the positive aspects of fish oil and Omega 3 Fatty Acids far outweigh the benefits. Their ability to help people live longer and healthier lives has been well documented and effects that have been experienced in those who have taken them range from lowering blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, lessening the risks of heart disease, stroke, and heart attack and even reducing the risks of various types of cancers. Even considering this, it is always wise to be aware of any potential side effects that can occur when talking any type of additional food supplement. Because our bodies do not make Omega 3's, we have to ingest them either through fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, or mackerel or through taking fish capsules or liquids. So, what ARE the potential negative side effects of it?

The first and most common is associated with the fact that you are taking in actual raw oil from fish. These can include nausea associated with the taste and smell and the occasional fishy burp or gas that may happen after the oil has been release in your body. These are not exactly life threatening, but they can be an annoyance, especially when in the company of other individuals.

Perhaps the worst and potentially most dangerous downside of taking fish oil is a potential side effect that also has a positive side as well. You see, it acts as a natural anti-coagulant which works to thin the blood. This helps with a host of maladies including high blood pressure and heart disease, but could in fact increase the risk of stroke. In addition, for those who are already taking anti-coagulant medication, this increase reaction due to the effects of the fish oil could present a dangerous concoction that prevents the blood from coagulating at all. This could, in worst cases, lead to nose bleeds or even internal bleeding or even vomiting of blood, all of which would require you to seek medical attention immediately. If you are taking any types of medications at all, it is wise to seek the advice of a physician before adding large doses of it to your diet. In addition, it is recommended to NEVER exceed the recommended dosage whether you are taking medications or not.

Overall, taking fish oil as a health supplement is relatively safe and can benefit your health in a host of ways. It is simply a wise thing to be mindful of the side effects so that you don't turn a positive activity into a potentially life threatening condition.

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