Live Bait: Amazing Fishing Secrets About Livebait Check It Out Here!

Live Bait: Amazing Fishing Secrets About Livebait Check It Out Here!
by: Mark Fleagle

Our article today is dedicated those fisherman who love to fish with live bait. This article is also useful to you artificial bait lovers who know when the fishing gets tough you need to tip your artificial baits with some type of the live form. Anglers who are dedicated to fishing with live baits have a large selection of baits to choose from such as leeches, crayfish, scuds, freshwater shrimp, saltwater shrimp, mud shrimp and ghost shrimp. Other live bait selections that can be used to target various gamefish also include waterdogs, spring lizards, mudpuppies, leopard frogs, green frogs and bullfrogs.

Also when you are talking about live bait selections you can't forget insects. Insects are a staple part of all gamefishes daily diet. These insects aquatic insects such as may flies, stone flies, caddis flies,crane flies, dragon flies. and dobson flies ( hellgrammites). They also include terrestrial adult insect types such as crickets and grasshoppers as well as larva forms of catalpa worms, waxworms, goldenrod grubs, mousees, spikes, euro larvae, and meal worms.

Now we have to mention nightcrawler and other worm types as live bait because they are as close as you can get to a universal live bait for all species of freshwater fish as you can get. They will catch any fish from common bluegill to the elusive sturgeon. Nightcrawlers have amazing fish appeal but there are some important reasons they are so popular. They are a very easy bait to find and a very easy bait to catch or raise if you are a interested in saving a few bucks,or just want fresh bait readily available

Also we can't forget about the many species of bait fish that are use for live bait. Freshwater Anglers use bait fish to catch small 6 inch freshwater panfish such as bluegills or yellow perch on up to large sturgeon. Saltwater anglers use bait fish to catch marlin,sailfish and Spanish mackerel just to name a few. Most all saltwater predator gamefish can be caught using a combination of some type of bait fish such as freshwater fathead minnows (tuffie, mudminnow), rosey red minnow, bluntnose minnow, creek chub, horneyhead chub (redtail), blacknose dace, redbelly dace (rainbow), golden shiner, emerald shinner, spottail shiner, common shiner, red shinner, goldfish, white sucker, madtom (willow cat), sculpin (bullhead, muddler), shad, skipjack herring, cisco (lake herring, tullibee), smelt, killfish, bluegill or sunfish, yellow perch, American eel, and freshwater shrimp. The saltwater bait fish used for live bait and cut bait include skipjack herring, mackerel, smelt , mullet, mussel, saltwater shrimp, squid and tuna.

Well folks that concludes our summary article about live bait options We sincerly hope you use our fishing information on your next fishing trip Good Luck!

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