How to choose the BEST Fish Oil Supplements

How to choose the BEST Fish Oil Supplements
by: Emile Jarreau

Touting benefits that include everything from lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels to potentially even curing certain forms of cancer including breast, colon, and prostate, it's no wonder that fish oil supplements containing omega-3 fatty acids have become one of the most popular nutritional supplements in the world. With this popularity comes increased confusion from the general public.

Going into your local vitamin store and trying to choose a fish oil supplement can be a truly difficult thing to do. There are as many brands of supplements as there are fish in the sea and it is hard to know exactly which one is the best one to spend your money on. Here are a few tips to help you in performing your search.

First of all, your body can only use fish oil in the forms of DHA and EPA. Any omega-3 supplements that are in a form called ALA may not be as efficient because the body will first have to convert them before using them. These supplements include vegetable sources such as flaxseed and flaxseed oil. While there's certainly nothing wrong with these products, they may not be as efficient and strong as buying of it is already in the forms of DHA and EPA.

Secondly, you want to purchase pharmaceutical grade fish oil supplements. This will generally guarantee the potency of the product that you're trying to buy and make sure that you're not paying for extra fillers that won't end up doing you any good at all.

The next crucial tip when trying to buy quality supplements is to look at what kind of fish that it has been derived from. If you see words like “various fish”, or “marine lipids”, it is best to stay away from these products as they could've been harvested from polluted waters and contain high levels of mercury which would produce the exact opposite effect that you're looking for in taking fish oil supplements. Instead, look to see that the fish oil has been harvested from fish that reside in cold and non-polluted waters. Fish that fall into this category would be those of tuna, salmon, and mackerel. In addition, you want to make sure that on the product label or the product's website that it mentions that the fish oil has been molecularly distilled. This is the only way to truly rid it of any harmful contaminants and will ensure a quality product.

Purchasing quality fish oil supplements is never cheap, but when weighed against the actual benefits of it could provide your body, it can be well worth the investment. Make sure to take your time and do your due diligence when purchasing fish oil supplements to make sure that you get exactly the type of high quality product that you're paying for.

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