Summer Fishing Carp And Catfish Ground Bait Tips!

Summer Fishing Carp And Catfish Ground Bait Tips!
by: Tim Richardson

In summer fish really feed big-time and very many new bait options are now available to exploit! Take advantage of these, gain big competitive advantages over your fellow anglers and catch more fish with these vital ground bait and free baiting tips now!

When considering something a little bit different this summer to get you the edge, there are countless products and methods to select or even adapt in your own way! Many are using ground baits more and more these days but ground baiting used to be regarded as just a small fish method. Right back from the early Eighties when it became a secret edge to fish over boilie crumb and use crumble boilies in PVA tube and on strings and so on, fishing smaller baits as free baits has proven very effective for bigger fish too.

Now of course you have many products that do not just sit inactive on the bottom, but some rise upwards to and also hang in different water layers so attracting fish even more effectively. You can replicate this effect by making your own unique ground baits by selecting those bait items that are less dense and making very active ground baits is a great money-saving edge.

Some of the more interesting products this year as you might expect by now are different pellets. As bait companies get more and more competitive for market share, so they are very thankfully investigating more unusual avenues of bait substance exploitation, realising that natural feeding triggers are the key to long-term success and anglers today know this!

But beware; often you can be fooled into buying pellets that have only been impregnated with natural extracts like those of bloodworm for instance. What you really need to verify is that the pellets you use actually are composed of the nutritional extracts within the pellets formulation itself. (This information should be available from trustworthy bait suppliers plus the age of pellets supplied; this is something else of vital importance in your potential success!) Fresh nutritional bait catches more fish because carp are able to benefit far more from such products nutritionally, they offer superior nutritional stimulation in water and factors like palatability are not compromised by off-flavours, oxidised oils and so on!

One of the very best quality nutrition pellets I have ever used is the Milkimin pellets from Ccmoore. It is reasonable to state that this company due to its huge buying power is one of the very few able to offer a true milk protein based pellet. These pellets are totally unique and are composed of very high quality milk protein ingredients. Many of these ingredients are highly buoyant and this fact provides them with an extraordinary edge. When immersed in water, they hang at differing levels in the water due to their relatively neutral buoyancy. This effect has fooled many big carp which may not have been caught when more standard type baits have been used such as mixed halibut pellets that fish are so keen and often extremely wary of now!

Having made buoyant homemade pellet baits myself with great success I can tell you it is possible to make your own completely unique hovering pellets using ingredients of your own choosing - and this is a fantastic edge over your fellow anglers! (In fact, you can even create your own personalised new homemade pellets using Milkimin pellets as part of the formula too!)

Among the other Ccmoore pellets I would definitely recommend are the boosted mussel pellets, Belachan pellets, Amino Green 365 pellets, Cantax pellets and the totally unique high digest HDE pellets. These can be used in all their different sizes mixed. The smallest sizes will dissolve within 3 hours so you can bait up without any fear of over-feeding. I make my own homemade pastes using these mixed plus other feeding trigger-packed ingredients, additives and liquids. Willis Worms supply a unique cheap alternative to Robin Red which I recommend for all kinds of applications including in PVA bag mixes, method mixes, in boilie and pellet making and creating unique bait soaks etc.

For those fashion following anglers wanting something new Sticky Baits offer baits I think are a great combination in the shape of snail, shrimp and spirulina pellets. They also offer crab pellets and squid pellets. CW Baits offer an incredible range of carp and premium quality koi pellets of many specialist formulations for various conditions and times of the year. Their betaine and spirulina pellets are simply awesome as are their special spicy crab!

Many products are able to be used with PVA products and can be poured directly into PVA bags and over PVA nets and stockings to boost attraction. Many of these are not oils and will not melt PVA due to their unique density often purposely designed into certain PVA friendly products. More standard examples of quick dissolving pellets for PVA product use include hemp pellets and corn steep liquor (CSL) pellets.

The days when you were just stuck with trout, salmon, marine halibut pellets that are all designed for fish with higher metabolic rates for carp rendering them unsuitable to be used in comparison to koi and other specifically designed carp pellets are over. Also the reliance of many carp anglers just on very standard and over-used products such as halibut pellet oil and hemp oil and the like are long gone. But thinking anglers were never limited to these things anyway and have found much cheaper ways to bait up just as effectively! (For more information see my unique bait secrets ebooks and free articles website - Baitbigfish right now!)

By Tim Richardson.

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