fish disease: Fusariosis


Cause: Fusarium spp.
Bio-Ecology Pathogens:
• infected shrimp in the pond at the juvenile stage to adult size.
• Prevalence of infection was higher in ponds that land preparation is not good, especially the disposal of organic material and drying the less than perfect.
• In acute infections, fungal hyphae were also found in other body parts.
• Mortality which occurred primarily because of disruption to the process of molting (moulting).

Clinical symptoms:

• Tend to infect at the gills, causing inflammation to occur melanisasi intensive so that the black gills (often called gill disease black / black gill disease).
• Other organs such as roads and swimming legs and tail were damaged, even dead.
• At the other body parts are often found in the injury or symptoms such as burning, etc..

• Observations are microscopic, especially in organs were found makrokonidia gill fungi.
. Isolation on semi-solid media (for), and diidenfikasi in morfometris.

• Preparation of ponds are perfect, especially the disposal of organic material and drying the pond bottom.
• Avoid accumulation of organic material in the media maintenance, through the use of essential microbial or probiotic and / or frequency of water replacement is higher.
• Use of chemicals / disinfectants in the pond is inefficient.

source: Kementerian Kelautan dan Perikanan, Dirjen. Perikanan Budidaya,2010

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