cultivation to feed the earthworm eel

cultivation to feed the earthworm eel

earthworm including natural feed for eels are easily and quickly grown. In nature, animals with a Latin name of this Lumbricus rubellus living in the soil berhumus. usually in a landfill is damp. These animals live in the soil or under piles of garbage.

earthworm actually be developed in the following way:
1. Prepare a box of wood or canvas measuring 0.5 x 0.5 meters at the edges of the support given bamboo.
2. Prepare a medium maintenance earthworms, cow dung that is sufficient, the rest of rotting vegetables, soil, and sawdust. Avoid entering materials such as orange peels or onion into worm rearing media. A good cow dung for use in the cultivation of earthworms is dirt that is still in the cow's stomach. This dirt can be obtained at the slaughterhouse.
3. Mix all ingredients together and add to the maintenance of a worm container.
4. Enter seed worms, the number of about 1 ounce (100 grams). In about 1-2 weeks already breed worms in large quantities. In order not to pile up, the worm will be given as feed should be separate.
source: Drs. Ruslan Roy, MM and BagusHarianto, Agromedia Pustaka, 2009
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