Rainbow River Lodge Offers Salmon Fly Fishing Lodges & Trips In Alaska

Rainbow River Lodge Offers Salmon Fly Fishing Lodges & Trips In Alaska
by: Kevin Jurgens

The riffle of water erupts in front of you as Sockeye Salmon negotiate their way through another obstacle, possessed to meet their goal of returning to their original birth location and continue the cycle. An eagle soars overhead, disappearing then reappearing through moss covered tree tops the white head contrasting against the grey swollen clouds. To your left, a fresh print from a grizzly bear pushed into the wet sands of the river bank. Probably a meandering yearling looking into the river for a meal last night.

As you are absorbed into observing your surroundings, you suddenly see a push of water not from a sockeye but of large rainbow trout sipping flies off the surface, trying not to be noticed. The river in front of you is gin clear and you can see every move this fish makes under water. His long slimline body is golden and green underwater and much different from the sockeye that are already showing darker with a few reds mixed in.

This is Alaska and this situation is what some only get to Dream about. And while Alaska is wild and untamed, Rainbow River Lodge is as accessible and comfortable as your home. As it's "home water", the Copper River, known for it's large rainbow trout and pure scenic beauty, is accessible in any weather condition through use of jet boats from the lodge. This is about the best "back up" piece of water anyone could ask for when the weather is too rough to fly out to the numerous other rivers in the area. In fact, the Copper River is the first choice of many returning anglers. However, there are many possible areas to fish around the area, each with their own specific style and species of fish...all within a short float plane ride from the lodge.

If you are looking to get away from it all, yet enjoy the comforts of a luxury alaska fishing lodge, look no further than rainbow river lodge. Rainbow River Lodge has been rated as one of the "ten best fly fishing lodges in Alaska" and the Copper River, our "Home River" has been rated by Trout Unlimited as one of the "top 100 best Trout streams in the world". Truly outstanding accolades from the finest fly fishing authorities in the world today.

Jimmy Carter, former U.S. president and a visitor of the lodge has been quoted as saying, "As you know, I have fished in a lot of places in the world from Canada to New Zealand but I've never seen anything to equal the Rainbow trout of the Copper River. Everything about our stay at Rainbow River Lodge was memorable, but the hospitality we received from you and the staff served to tie together all the weeks adventures.

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