Waterless Hibernation of Fishes is Good for Business

Waterless Hibernation of Fishes is Good for Business
by: Ollie Style

Boni Comandante from Dumagete City Philippines discovered how fish can hibernate from six hours to twenty four hours thus being able to transport live fish cheaply and effectively.

He discovered how fish can hibernate while in Palawan. Comandante threw a fish in an ice chest and six hours later he saw the fish in a suspended state. At that moment he knew that what he just witnessed means big bucks. But it took him fourteen years to fully develop his discovery. In 2004 he won a competition by DTI [Department of Trade and Industry] and later was able to attract local and foreign investors for his fish marketing business.

He called his technique of putting fishes in a suspended state— Buhi Technology. The fishes are preserved longer and are less stressed because of the absence of water. The tail and the fins of hibernating fishes lie flat while transporting it and then are later on revived with sea water. Another good thing about Mr. Comandante’s method is that it reduces the cost of ice and water which cuts up to seventy five percent of delivery cost.

There is no need to worry about safety, the Bureau of Fishers and Aquatic Resources declared that the fishes are safe for human consumption because all the materials used are organic.

This is certainly good news for Filipino fisher folks as the demand for live fish is growing here and around the world, and with the help of Buhi technology a boom in the fishing industry might just be around the corner.

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Ollie Style is a Filipino freelance writer and Podcaster--Host of the “Ollie Style Radio Show”. His Podcasts and FREE ARTICLES can be found at http://www.pinoypodcaster.tk and http://olliestyleradioshow.tk

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