Koi Care: How to Take Care of Your Aquatic Pet

Koi Care: How to Take Care of Your Aquatic Pet
by: Andy Fletcher

When you decide to keep Koi fish as pets, you must learn a few very basic and vital things about Koi care. Proper nutrition and water quality are the two deciding factors that you have to look at while thinking about Koi care.

Koi fishes are hardy specimens of fish and they can live for long periods of time, sometimes for more than 200 years though the average life span is around 25 to 35 years. These Koi fishes are easy going hassle free kinds of pets and don’t give much trouble to their keepers and you will find it easy to take care of them.

Koi Care – Pond Water Quality

One of the most critical conditions of Koi care is perhaps the quality of the water in the pond. You would be surprised to know that Koi needs fresh and good quality water for their habitat more than food. A Koi will not starve to death if it doesn’t receive food for several weeks, however, it can die in one night if the water quality turns out to be very poor.

You always have to pay attention to how you will sustain your pond water quality through proper filtration and supplies and you also have to chalk out or fix a budget for your pond water quality maintenance expenses.


Another thing to keep in mind is Koi nutrition and proper nutrition will ensure that the kois can protect themselves from diseases, they will grow up to the right proportion and size and you don’t have to worry about good body conformation.


One more thing that you should remember about Koi care is that you need to react promptly and take necessary precautionary steps or measures of redressal to combat Koi health problems and accidents. That means if the need arises, you have to even apply first aid to a sick or injured Koi or administer the correct medication.

You also have to take into account the seasonal care pattern for Koi fish. For e.g. in the spring months, Koi fishes feel their worst while summer happens to be their best season for grow out. The Koi fish usually spends the fall months preparing for the harsh cold weather of winter by generating enzymes.

And during winter months, the Koi fishes go deep into sleep or hibernation. Thus it is clear that Koi fishes require separate types of care and maintenance during the various seasons of the year.


While on the topic of Koi care, I must inform you about potential predators that can feast on your pet Koi. You have to guard your fish from raccoons for these masked and dark circled bandits have been observed to be the most common predators, if you are really serious about Koi care.

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