SUCCESS TIPS catfish breeding

SUCCESS TIPS catfish breeding

A. TIPS breeding
To start a catfish farming is not really a difficult thing if we already know the method to obtain the method of course we should ask people who are already successful breeding of catfish, but we must remember people are rarely willing to give his knowledge to others let alone all the knowledge possessed here I gave way and raising catfish in your methods.

For the first you create a pond, the pond should be excavated because of soil with a good pool for swimming catfish is farm land if there is no what may create a permanent pool, but please with seeds in seed size index to use, different land with a pond can be started with seed finely aged two weeks.

After the pond is finished, let stand in water for one week and then enter the pool of seeds depending on the size if the size of 5 x 10 x 0.70 meters can be in the content of seedlings 10 000 tail certainly remember the time you remove the seeds using plastic bags or so fish do not strees gerigen plastic bag containing the fish who in the maintenance of pool water contents little by little until the fish adjust to the new pond water and then release the fish, let the fish came out by itself from a plastic bag / gerigen.

After a two week old fish in a separate pool of small fish and large fish because catfish catfish should be cannibals, to looking for easy sorting in fish Wareng make two sizes of fish nets Wareng or 2 x 6th place in two spaces for fish ponds until harvest contents of the first 10 000 Wareng tail then two weeks at the age of the big move to Wareng other one because in a Wareng size 2 x 6 x 0.7 m able to load the 5000 piglets until harvest fish other than that it can also facilitate the harvesting of fish.

source: Bambang Sunarno, In AzNa Books, 2010

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