The characteristics and classification of flying fish

The characteristics and classification of flying fish

Flying fish is one of the small pelagic fish that are found diperairan
tropical and sub-tropical waters with no cloudy conditions and muddy. Flying fish is a fish that has many types, according to the classification, including flying fish in the Class Actinopterygii, Subklas Neopterygii, Super Order

Acanthopterygii, Order Beloniformes, Sub Belonoidei Order, Family Exocoetidae and has genus 9. Flying fish of the genus comprises 33 species Cheilopogon including Cheilopogon ebei, C. agoo, Cypselurus genus consists of 12 species, including Cypselurus angusticeps, C. callopterus; Danichthys genus consists of 1 species of Danichthys i1ma. Exocoetus genus of 5 species of which Exocoetus gibbosus and E. monocirrhus-, Fodiator genus consists of the 2 species and E Fodiator acutus rostratus; Hirundichthys genus of 8 species including Hirundichthys oxycephalus and H. rondeletii;

Oxyporhamphus genus of 4 species of which Oxyporhamphus convexus and 0. micropterus; Parexocoetus genus comprising 3 species including Parexocoetus brachypterus; and Prognichthys genus of 2 species, including Prognichthys brevipinnis and P gibbifrons.
Flying fish has ciriciri the average length of 18 cm, round, elongated body, upper body, dark, shiny, lower body, dorsal and anal fins transparent tail fins of gray, ventral fins grayish on top and light on bottom, pectoral fin dark gray with short punctate.

Weak spines on the dorsal fin numbered 10-12, 1-12 in the anal fin, the pectoral fin of 14-15 with the first fin is not forked, ventral fins not reaching dorsal fin with the ventral fin base closer to the posterior end than at the base of the head tail, lateral lines are located at the bottom of the body. cycloid scales relatively large size and easy go with pradorsal scales and 32-37 scales on the axis of the body 51-56.
source: Warta Pasar Ikan, DG P2HP, DKP, 2009

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