Fresh Water Fish Bawal (Colossoma macropomum)

Fresh Water Fish Bawal

Bawal including one new commodity in the field of fisheries that have high economic value. Freshwater Bawal Latin names of fish Colossoma macropomum not native to Indonesia, but were imported from countries Brazil, South America a few years back. To distinguish bawal found in the sea, this Brazilian bawal called bawal fresh water because it is the whole life cycle in fresh water.

The first time you go to Indonesia, this fish is an ornamental fish to be maintained in an aquarium or garden ponds, but because the rate of growth is very fast and can reach large sizes, bawal freshwater grown less worthy of display. Because of that, supported by good taste and juicy flesh, bawal fresh water became very popular as fish consumption. The spread of these fish belong to very quickly that within a short time had a lot of farmers who cares. One thing is profitable, bawal fish freshwater fish species which are resistant to disease. So far have not heard reports of cases of disease dangerous to fish.

a. Classification
Phyllum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Characiformes
Famli: Charasidae
Genus: Colossoma
Species: Colossoma mocropomum
Foreign Name: tambaqui
Local Name: bawal, bawal freshwater

source: Khairul Amri, S. Pi, M. Si and Khairuman, SP, AgroMedia Pustaka, 200

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