Niasa fish (Yellow auratus)

Niasa fish (Yellow auratus)

Conditions of life and the origin of niasa (Melanochromis auratus) is similar to venustus. Male body color yellow alternating with black horizontal line is very bright, while the female blue color and a little bit pale. These fish need water alkaline (pH more than 7) and pretty hard (about 12 ° dH).

Adult fish are actually very necessary to maintain the area so that the water plants or stones as a shelter enough. However, the maintenance at the pool without shelter

was not problematic. In addition, because of its mouthbreeder then without any spawning nests still going well.

Mass spawning is done by a male female ratio 1: 4. Spawn process and how to capture this fish eggs with the venustus. The incubation period of eggs in the aquarium about two days. Larvae can swim after 6-7 days. To feed the larvae can be given athlete, Artemia, or a chopped silk worms. While the mother was given a small shrimp or rebon to improve the quality of eggs. For adult fish can be given feed silk worms.

Niasa very strong and tolerant of water quality so that the replacement of water about 3-4 days as many as half of it was pretty good. Similarly, pond water levels, although the fish big enough, but the shallow water of about 15-20 cm will not be a problem in maintenance. Fish can still live and grow well if given shade container maintenance.

source: Darti S.L and Iwan D. PenebarSwadaya, 2006

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