hickey fish farming

hickey fish farming

Want to know how to raise fish hickey?

To cultivate or develop the ornamental fish hickey not require extensive land, provide sufficient area of about 5 square meters. These fish are relatively easy to maintain and cultivated, because it does not require special feed. Fish feed is usually used to seed a natural food or water flea Daphnia sp. which can be found in a ditch where the water flooded. Hickey mother used to feed the mosquito larva (larva). For growing children can fish and water fleas were interspersed with hair worms, will further accelerate the growth of fry.

Container Cultivation

In general, container maintenance is like cement or aquarium that size is not large enough to have 1 x 2 m or aquarium 100 x 40 x 50 cm, was smaller containers marriage enlargement of the container, which can be used, among others: the basin, a small aquarium or bucket can be used for fish memijahkan.

Special features

Characteristics possessed by the male ornamental fish hickey is a wonderful addition to color, fins were long and resembles a comb serit, so often called serit hickey. Meanwhile, female fish are not attractive color (dull) and the form of fins shorter than the male fish.
Features of male fish to dipijahkan:

Age ± 4 months
Shape of the body and long fins and good color.
His movements were aggressive and agile.
Healthy body condition (not disease).

The characteristics of female fish:

Age has reached about 4 months
White rounded shape of the body in the abdomen indicates ready to mate.
His movements slow.
Fin short and unattractive color.
healthy body condition.

Fish spawning and nursing

After the parent is prepared hickey decorative containers as well as the next step is to conduct breeding:

1. Prepare a container basin / small aquarium and clean.
2. Fill container with water at a height of 15 to 30 cm.
3. Enter the male parent fish first hickey for 1 day.
4. Cover the container with the container cover anything.
5. A day later (late afternoon) the mother had cooked eggs inserted into a container nursery.
6. Usually in the morning and the fish are spawning in the form of foam attached disarang prepared by the male parent.
7. The mother immediately removed and allowed to treat male eggs until they hatch.

Enlargement children

1. When the hickey burayak fish can swim and have gone yolk, have had to put up a bigger media for the enlargement.
2. Move the seedlings with the male parent.
3. Then the fish were given food and water fleas closed container.
4. Ten days later the child was transferred to fish elsewhere.
5. And then every single week, the fish moved to another place to faster growth.

Post Harvest

Post-harvest after the hickey ornamental fish reached 1 month of harvesting can be performed at once can be selected or elected. Good-quality fish and selection results hickey placed separated into separate bottles in order to develop properly and avoid fights. After the age of 1.5 to 2 months was demonstrated hickey ornamental beauty and can be marketed.

Developing ways Biak
These fish grow in a way-laying and the eggs attached to the substrate such as plant roots, leaves or rapia fibers.

The steps that need to know:

1. Pick a good parent and a beautiful male and aggressive.
2. Split between the father and mother and be fed enough for 4 to 5 days.
3. Enter the father and mother depths where spawning (jars, aquariums, buckets, basins), which has been given
water plants (water hyacinth or rapia fibers with a water depth of ± 25 cm).
4. After 2-3 days the eggs will be seen attached to the leaf or rapia.
5. Move the female and fed adequately.
6. During 2-3 days the child was not given fish to eat because there are still stocks of yolk in the body.
7. For 2-3 days and then the kids these fish should be fed infosuria for 3 days and then fed filtered water fleas for 10 days and after that can be given without filtered water fleas.

How to Care
Parent fish fed well enough, after 2-3 weeks can be moved back. Children hickey fish can be sold after 2 months of age. After a 4 cm long, the kids can fish fed worms. Male fish, including fish that love to their offspring, seen from the habit of making the foam on the substrate, each will start memijah. Meanwhile, female fish less painstaking care for their children and sometimes prey on his own and had to be separated quickly after spawning. To obtain a form of male fish and a beautiful color, usually after a long, 4.5 cm mencapal is put into bottles (jars, former jam, coffee bottle, etc.) and placed in close proximity to each other to see each other for ± 2 weeks, that Fin hickey fish is expanding due to challenge each other.
Hickey fish to cultivate on a large scale, can be used like cement size 1.5 x 3 m. Tub lane Pemijahannya performed using board boxes that the front was given a plastic mesh strainer. This filter is intended to seed can come out and fish spawning box, while the parent remained in the breeding box. Spawning box size or 15 x 20 cm x 20 cm whereas the same treatments
source: http://biologi-formica.blogspot.com

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