Fish spawning ponds betutu - Oxyeleotris marmoroto

Fish spawning ponds betutu

fish cultivation techniques betutu (Oxyeleotris marmoroto) done in two ways, namely natural spawning and hatching in induction (mating injection).

on the natural spawning season is not known, can be 3-4 times a year. betutu fish have a desire to mate is usually during the rainy season. the breeding season this betutu fish will increase. At the peak of the dry season (July to September) betutu bit lazy to multiply, but in the intensive care betutu fish can mate with a quality feeding.

Spawning naturally spawning took place in the pool size 20 x 10 m2 with a water depth of 70-80 cm or more like a narrow cement. Water flow is maintained around 25 liters / minute.

the spawning pool is equipped with a triangular-shaped nest made of asbestos which are united, measuring 30 cm. Place this egg and pasting into an egg collector.

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