Fry Counter

Fry Counter

Counted rate reached 8 tails seed / sec.
It weighs only 4 pounds even, easy to carry

for most people, it was not easy to calculate the order of fish or shrimp seeds that amounted to hundreds of thousands of fish quickly and accurately. Moreover, if the calculations are performed in the conventional manner, ie by poke
seeds using a simple steam shovel (similar scoop).

Previously, the fish farmers have estimated the number of seeds that would tersodok device, by doing a few times taking samples. Furthermore, the determination of the matter is only done by multiplying the number of seeds in each shot with a number of prod done.

so no wonder, if the level of accuracy of this calculation process becomes very low and the time required becomes relatively longer. In addition, counting seeds
by using the conventional method is also prone to make fish and shrimp seed
stress, because the calculation process is usually done in a way that rough. The impact of the end, quality seeds to farmers who had to be decreased. In fact, the quality, the seed has a very big role for the success of an aquaculture business.

With these background, Prof. Indra Jaya, lecturer at the Faculty of Fisheries and
Marine Science, Institut Pertanian Bogor (FPIK - IPB), creating a tool
counter (counters) are named after the seed "Fry Counter." This tool was created to facilitate the fish farmers in seed count ordered by the farmers, so the process can be faster and accurate results, "said Indra, who also serves as Dean FPIK -- IPB.

More Fast and Accurate
He tells, the process of creating the seed count tool originated from his observations at one of patin fish farmers who are counting seed cultivators orders. "I watched them (farmers-ed) to calculate heard manual. They just take samples only. Number of seeds was only estimated, so the result is far from accurate," said Indra.

Therefore, he suggested switching fish farmers use seeds fry counter counter, in order to count the seeds that will be marketed with a faster and more accurate results. "The speed of the count can reach the counter fry tails 8 seed / second," called Indra. This means that within an hour, this machine can count up to 28,800 fish tail, much faster than using conventional counting techniques, performed by one person workforce. He also guarantees his creation machine has a level of very high accuracy. "Probability of error below 5%."

This may occur because
seed calculation process is done by using modern electronic technology. Namely, by using optical sensors optointerruptor assistance. Fry coonter also equipped with a functioning microcontrofer controls the whole process of the tool is working, so the calculation error can be suppressed.

Easily Operated
Fry counters working principle is very simple. Machine-like scales counter is equipped with a container vessel of seeds, which serves as a seed inlet fish. Before the seeds included, storage containers must first flowing through the appropriate flow of water. Aim to avoid air bubbles in the hose leading to chopped sensors.

"If the boat is a bubble, the sensor will also detect and count them. This is where the possibility of miscalculation occurred," the light of Indra.

With the flow of water, the seeds will be counted fish will enter into the engine to the hose with a track count different. "There are 8 tracks on the machine. Each track is equipped with sensors optointerruptor. After passing the sensor, automatic fish will be counted and the numbers appear on a display that has been provided. Every tercacah fish seed, the numbers in the display will continue increases, "Indra explained in detail.

After that. fish will come out through the outlet hole and fish farmers only consider the numbers listed on the display. The maximum number that can be shown on display is a tail to 99,999 once the calculation process. "To begin again at number 00,000
also only 4 pounds. "Because of excess in it, fry counter included in the 100 category of innovation in this year's prospects.

Only took power 50 to 60 Watt
To operate the fry counter, the pembenih only provides enough electricity is relatively low, ie for 50 to 60 watts only. Thus, costs incurred by fish farmers for seed count tool operation is relatively mild, especially when compared to the fish farmers simply pressing the reset button. "

Indra added. created fry counter capable of counting various types of fish, including shrimp. "Just adjust the diameter of the seed fish will be calculated by the distance between the sensor (treknya-ed). Sensor in this instrument is based on a module system, so stay to replace the sensor module in the sensor box." he said.
Meanwhile, to allow users to monitor the performance of fry counter, this tool is also equipped with a buzzer indicator that serves to check the performance of equipment, especially if there are parts that do not function properly. Another advantage, fry counter is also relatively light, so easily portable. "This device is portable. Easy to carry anywhere.

Also weighs only 4 pounds. "Because of excess in it, fry counter included in the 100 category of innovation in this year's prospects.
Need Ustrik only 50 to 60 Watt

To operate the counter fry, the fish farmers just enough to provide electricity is relatively low, ie for 50 to 60 watts only. Thus, costs incurred by farmers for seed count tool operation is relatively mild, especially when compared to the cost by fish farmers to hire labor as seed counters.

In addition to using
PLN electricity, fry counters have also been prepared to be moved by using power batteries (read: battery) 12 volts. Not only that, fry counters can also be 'resurrected' by using the power Ni-Cad battery 12 volts.

As for the price of these devices, Indra admitted his side
not calculated in detail how much it costs to make, because it is not marketed commercially. "The possibility of about USD 1 to 2 millions. Seeing the benefits, in my opinion
This price is fairly easy, "Indra argued. cheapening the price of the seed count tool is not separated from the more modest price of supporting the electronic components in it.
source: Trobos 2008

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