Making Seaweed

Making Seaweed

Seaweed in the form of a solid start by destroying the sea grass until smooth. The goal, in order of destruction of bacteria in the fermentation process can work optimally. In addition, the compounds of lactose (sugar compounds) can be easily integrated;

All fertilizer materials were mixed sea and put into containers such as drums, plastic, or a place that allows the process fermenatasi airtight;

Optimal fermentation time to create a solid seaweed fertilizer was about two weeks;

In addition to fertilizers, there is also a liquid seaweed fertilizer, raw materials needed to make a liquid fertilizer did not differ with solid fertilizers;

The difference only lies in the manufacturing process and the length of time fermentas. Liquid seaweed fertilizer requires the addition of water with immersion time of five days of fermentation.

Source: Koran Jakarta, January 18 2010.Hal.22

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