Silver-tipped (Hasemania nana) - ornamental fish


Silver-tipped (Hasemania nana) comes from Venezuela and Guyana. These fish are very fond of herbivore and feeds from vegetables (water lettuce). Optimum temperature to be able to multiply approximately 25-27 ° C. Water is suitable for life should have a pH of about 6,5-7,0 and violence around 8-10 ° dH.

The size of silver-tipped body can reach a maximum of 9 cm. Silvery body with small scales. In addition, there are black spots behind the gill cover and the base of the tail.

These fish are somewhat aggressive, often biting the other fish, especially for smaller fish. Therefore it is not suitable fish kept with other fish. Containers for spawning a pool or tub with a density of about 100 ekor/m2 For mass spawning, the male and female ratio 1: 4. As a place to attach their eggs, it takes the form of the substrate or nest of water plants.

Eggs are attached to the substrate will hatch within 24 hours. The larvae will swim about 2-3 days after hatching.
Replacement of water on the maintenance of the larvae after the larvae began to swim. The amount of water as much as half the volume change of water. Replacement of this water should be routinely done every two days. Feed the first larvae of infusoria. Later, lice can be replaced pakannya water after the seed and adult sizes.

Growth of these fish so quickly that spacing should be more frequent. This needs to be done to maintain the nature of aggression against a smaller fish. When maintenance is done well, at the age of 1.5 months to sell the size is reached, which is about 2.2 cm.

source: Darti S.L and Iwan D. PenebarSwadaya, 2006

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