Tilapia fish breeding

Tilapia fish breeding

By nature, tilapia breeding all year round in tropical waters in the area. The frequency of the largest spawning occurs in the rainy season. In its natural indigo can memijah 6-7 times a year. These fish reach the adult stage at the age of 4-5 months and weighs about 250 grams. Productive spawning period is when the parent 1.5-2 years old and weighs over 500 grams per fish. A female tilapia weighing about 800 grams of larvae produced each time the 1200-1500 breeding fish.

Before breeding, the male tilapia always make their nests in the form of spherical hollows in the bottom waters of the same diameter size. This nest is a territorial male tilapia that will be used as the location of spawning and fertilization of eggs. During the lust, the male indigo color will change to bright and very aggressive in nature maintain its territorial area.

Tilapia spawning process happened very quickly. Within 50-60 seconds tilapia breeding pair can produce 20-40 eggs that have been fertilized. Spawning will occur several times with the same partner or different for 20-60 minutes. Tilapia eggs 2.8 mm in diameter, gray or yellow sometimes, not sticky, and sink to the bottom waters. Eggs fertilized incubated in the mother's mouth and will hatch within 4-5 days. Eggs that have hatched called larvae, 4-5 mm long. Newly hatched larvae reared by the mother until the age of 11 days (size 8 mm). The seeds that are not cared for by its mother will swim in a huddle in the shallow waters or on the edge of the pond.
Source: Khairul Amri, S. Pi, M. Si and Khairuman, SPAgromedia Pustaka, 2008

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