Business delicious smoked Catfish

Business delicious smoked Catfish

Smoked catfish may create some communities in Indonesia is still a foreign food. When calling these whiskered fish meal from the shadow usually pecel catfish (catfish flavored sauce), dazed catfish, or curry catfish because these foods are practically been populist and stalls or restaurants that provide also have spread in almost all regions Indonesia.

Yes, smoked catfish, may be more widely known in West Sumatra or several areas in Sumatra, because the types of food such as catfish in a dried through evaporation proswes this is original from West Sumatra.

Smoked fish quite well attended, in addition to nutritious, it's also more tasty fish than usual. Almost all species of fish can be smoked, but most preferred is the smoked catfish.

Not only delicious and nutritious apparently smoked catfish have a relatively high economic potential to be a worthy effort, so if the opportunity was developed by the community.

One of the businessmen who elaborates smoked catfish Desfialti the region of West Sumatra, which since 1989 the business wrestle with an initial capital of smoked fish Rp200.000, to buy pellets (food fish), 50 kg and 1500 tail catfish seedlings.

Problem There are two kinds of prices, Sali raw catfish (packing) weighing 300 grams with the price of 30,000, and smoked fast food (packing) weighing 200 grams price of 300,000.

From the calculation effort can be known to 3 kg of fish produced 1 kg of wet smoke catfish. If 3 kg of fresh catfish around Rp36.000 then salt and firewood Rp3.000 10,000, 10,000 wage labor and the selling price smoked catfish Rp70.000 the profits gained around Rp11.000 / kg of smoked catfish. An enticing enough profit.

Meanwhile Zarpendi who pursue business Pasaman smoked catfish in the West since 2005 reveals pengelolahannya although still in a traditional process and simple, but the Family SMEs are able to produce around 500 kg per week, which sold Rp 75,000 / kg to the whole of West Sumatra.

Still Traditional

During the manufacture of smoked catfish are still using traditional tools, just use the oven curing process. First catfish sorted, then split so that the form of broad, gills and entrails removed, then washed and drained, seasoned and aged for 15 minutes to allow the flavors to infuse.

Catfish are regularly placed on the equipment contained within the oven terai fogging, fumigation process was continued to approximately two days during working hours with low heat until the catfish dry evenly.

After that catfish are removed from the oven and diangin-winds at room temperature, after cold smoked catfish and then packed with plastic bags and cardboard polythylene already dipriting duplex.

The process of making smoked catfish, fast food, raw and smoked catfish same. The difference for smoked continued to fast food frying process and delivery of seasoning. While for catfish wastes in the form of gills and entrails of fish used as food by selling value of Rp 1,500 per kg.

Smoked catfish market now not only in the territory of West Sumatra, but has expanded into new week, Jambi, Batam, Tanjung Pinang, Jakarta and even export to Malaysia and has been running for three years.

Although the chances of prospective enough however does not mean business this catfish salal no problems. A number of barriers that often face the perpetrators in this business, such as limitations of the available equipment (manual), so the quality of the product that produced less good especially when produced in large numbers.

Supermarkets difficulties to penetrate the market because the consignment payment even though the product has sold well but late payments.

Marketing in the Padang region only in Titipkan at the store - a store distinguished Seller typical food of West Sumatra.

Limited capital for product development or investment, it is very difficult to obtain soft loans with interest and preparation of collateral.

However, by looking at the potential of catfish which is relatively abundant in almost all parts of Indonesia, it seems like the smoked fish processing business, it is prospective, not only developed in West Sumatra but also in the homeland.

Source: Magazine Demersal

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