seed predator fish - monitor lizards

seed predator fish - monitor lizards

Monitor lizard

Lizard in another language called bayawak (Sunda), menyawak or nyambik (Java), berekai (Madura), and the monitor lizard or goanna (UK).
Including reptiles lizards attends nursery ponds and fish hatcheries. Animals belonging to these reptiles are a group of large lizards of the family of lizards (Varanidae). More complete systematic way as follows.

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptiles
Order (nation): Squamata
Familia: Varanidae
Genus: Varanus

There are many types of lizards, but are generally detrimental to fish breeders are lizards of the species / species of Varanus salvator. Body length (snout to tip of tail) approximately 1 m, although some are able to reach 2.5 m. As the name implies, water monitor lizards generally live by the river or canal water, lake, beaches, and marshes, including mangrove swamps.

Clever iguana to climb trees, do not be surprised if the existing pond was climbing the tree found in lizards. In addition to prey on fish, lizards also target the birds nest in trees to prey on eggs and baby bird.

Lizards reproduce by laying eggs. At the time of the breeding season is often a fight broke out fight over females. The mating of the eggs will be stored in sand or mud on the banks of a pond, wetland or river, mixed with rotting leaves and twigs. Hot sunshine and leaf litter decomposition process will help to warm the eggs and hatching eggs.

■ Control
Lizards, including predatory fish is very greedy and should be kept away from the pond and fish hatchery units. It belongs to the bravest of predatory fish because the fish into the pond anytime even noon. Sometimes if not expelled immediately fled, Some are even trying to fight back. For that we need the courage to face it.
How to remove the lizard from the pond to catch fish is by using a trap or a hook. Trap or a hook was put in place often visited by lizards. In some areas of Sumatra and parts of Java, residents routinely hunt lizards, usually with the aid of hounds. Lizards are concerned will take the fight against the dog and the dog usually wins. After successfully disabled, lizards immediately arrested and tied up. Meat and hides for sale. Meat lizard skin disease believed to be drug and monitor lizard skins are usually used as raw materials handicraft bags, purses, etc..

Source: Khairul Amri and ToguanSihombing, PT. Gramedia Pustaka Utama, 2008

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