Seed predator fish

Seed predator fish

Predators are also known as the predator, is a foreign term to refer to pet nuisance pests
in this case is the fish fry. Predator is basically an animal Carnivora (meat eaters)
ie stalking prey with its target.
Predator fish are there that come / came from outside and have a life together with the fish fry are kept.
Generally, seed predators who prey on fish that are higher animals which can directly disrupt or
threatening the life of fish reared fish farmers.
Seed predator fish can be divided into several groups, namely:
1. Group of large predatory animals
- Birds
- Turtle-Turtle
- Crab / crabs
- Beaver
- Monitor lizards
- Snake
- Frog
- Lizard

2. predatory fish wild
- Catfish
- Eel

3. group of small predatory animal (insect Water)
- Ucrit (larvae cybister)
- Notonecta
- Kini-kini

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