Fish Seed Predator Group (Egret and Blekok)

Fish Seed Predator Group (Egret and Blekok)

Birds egret (Ardeola, Sp) and blekok (Egreta, sp) if at first glance to have a very similar figure with a crane. Generally people think that the birds are similar. Blekok birds and bird heron has long legs and neck with a crane, the only difference is when the fly, a bird flying egret at neck forming the letter "s" and not be straightened, while the birds of the stork family (Ciconiidae) to straighten the neck and leg stretches -legs while flying.
Classification of birds and egrets blekok:

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: cordata
Class: Aves
Order: Ciconiiformes
Family: Ardeida (Family egrets) and Egreta (blekok family)

spread of this bird is almost spread all over the world, their habitat in the wetlands, on the coasts or on reefs. The main food of birds egrets and this blekok namely, fish, frogs, and invertebrates.

both birds egrets and birds of prey groups blekok both are very detrimental to fish seed for farmers and fish farmers.

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